Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Earlier in the year, Maria and I bought a copy of 200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York, and we finally took the opportunity to start following some of its directions.

On Friday, we went to three sites: Medina Falls (Medina, NY), Serenity Falls (Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY), and Eternal Flame Falls (Chestnut Ridge Park, Orchard Park, NY). After this, we tried out the Anchor Bar (the claimed home of Buffalo Wings); Maria liked them, but I thought that they were over-crisped and had insufficient sauce.

On Sunday, we toured Stony Brook State Park (Dansville, NY) and enjoyed numerous waterfalls there and some of its trails.

I placed some of my pictures online.

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Our pet emergencies continued this weekend when we took Emmy to Maria's mom's house. Maria's mom lives outside a rural town and has a lot of space--so at some point, Emmy decided that it would be fun to do some digging. She came back up to the house with a black tongue from eating dirt and filthy paws, but when she came in, it was clear that her foot was bleeding.

Today, we took her in to the vet to see how serious things were. The vet was planning to simply use tissue glue to close the paw pad, but under closer inspection, it was too deep of a wound to be so simply closed: a stitch was required. Because we were concerned about Emmy chewing on the sore, she needed a bandage on the foot. She has to wear it in a plastic bag when she goes outside (as long as the ground is wet)--they gave me a retired bag of IV saline to tie around the leg. She also has to take some large antibiotics for the next two weeks, which will give us some great practice pilling dogs (the capsules are simply too big to hide in peanut butter).

Caesarean section

I saw a Caesarean section performed today. A few weeks ago, I saw a normal delivery.

I can't wait to be back seeing adults.

I have one more week on the OB floor, then five weeks on the paediatrics floor, and then five weeks on the psychiatric ward. I'm looking forward to psych more than I expected.


I went out to the Apple Store today to check out the iPhone. It was everything that I'd dreamed it would be. The on-screen keyboard was not a whole lot less user-friendly than the chiclet-like keyboard on the Treo I use (though not quite as nice as the wide-bodied Blackberry devices like the the 7200 series). I felt that its responsiveness was much better than either the Palm-based or Windows-based Treos I've used or Windows Mobile 5 PDAs.

I did tests with Google Reader (it chooses the mobile edition) and found that it was much nicer than the Treo or iPAQ use because of the ability to fit tremendously more text on the screen.

I configured it to use my work email server for inbound mail--it was pleasant, but I was unable to configure it to check email on a more frequent basis than 15 minute intervals, so I would not be pleased with it for an on-call type of device.

I disabled the WiFi and tried to guess how unpleasant it would be to use as a data device over the EDGE service. I did not find it to be significantly worse than the Treo's data service (which is much faster) but I think that's because the Windows Mobile 5 Internet Explorer appears to render HTML/CSS very slowly--the iPhone does a much better job.

I did not buy it today because my Verizon contract goes until September, but I had a hard time walking away from it. I think that I will be switching--Verizon does not offer comparably-priced Blackberry data plans (by my read, Verizon would cost $20/month more than AT&T; Verizon does not seem to have a consumer-priced data plan). The only question is when.

Update: More about the keyboard. I forgot to mention that I did have trouble with the "two-thumbs" method of typing. I got a lot of Ps rather than Os. The workaround that I adopted while I was playing was generally to use my left thumb for the left side of the keyboard and my right index finger for the right side of the keyboard. I did generally hit the modifier key (change the keyboard template from alpha to numeric/symbol) with my index finger, even though it's on the left side.

Walking the Dog

About six weeks ago (which goes to show how often I post), Maria and I got a dog, a yellow lab mix, Emmy, from Rudy's Rescue.

Although Emmy is a joy to have, we still had some growing pains with her and wanted to improve our own knowledge of dog training, so we have been working through Dogs At Your Feet training, which is excellent.

Here was the route that we walked tonight (3.5mi in roughly an hour, but the sidewalks are not cleared from ice or snow). I tried to hit all of the vertices (but missed Crittenden & Mt. Hope) and edges (but missed many more) without retracing my steps (which I didn't technically do because of sidewalk on both sides of the road, but still didn't do well).