Mike Fisher (mfisher) wrote,
Mike Fisher

iPhone Battery Life Issues?

Is anyone having recent iPhone battery life issues? I've noticed that since Sunday (9/20) or Monday, my battery has been draining like crazy. I use my phone so much that I feel like I notice changed behavior as though it was my own health. I'm currently using a 3GS running 3.1.

Right now, I'm at 59% battery with 46 minutes of active use, 6:17 of standby (all `net by WiFi or 3G, no voice phone, no SMS).

I disabled the Notifications today (but only had them for i.TV with no actual notifications configured) but haven't noticed improvement.

My best guess (which is baseless) is that it's somehow related to the Google changes where push email was added to Google Sync--even though I only use Google services through IMAP and CalDAV.

I'm running the following mail/calendar accounts:
  • Home email (Cyrus 2.3.15--updated to this version 9/17 but I used the iPhone normally after the updates without noticing problems)
  • Yahoo! email
  • Google email (over IMAP)
  • Google calendar (over CalDAV)
  • Work Exchange 2007 server (over ActiveSync, only syncing mail/calendar)

I don't really tend to use many non-Apple apps--I probably use Safari 75%, Mail 15-20%, and calendar/phone/maps the rest. Some iPod in there but not a lot.

I haven't made any other significant changes that would affect battery life, and I'm fairly in line with the typical recommendations for ensuring maximum battery life. Strangely enough, I didn't notice this problem until after I read an article like this, discussing that Apple is investigating battery problems.

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