Request Tracker Note

At my job, we use Request Tracker for managing our help desks.

We basically love it -- but we keep adding new queues for different requirements, and we ran into a problem where people weren't seeing the "10 Newest Unowned" tickets. I believe this was because the generic "Unowned Tickets" query tried to look at all queues rather than limiting its scope to the queues that the user had rights to see.

This was clearly documented in the sample configuration file, but it was a somewhat recent addition to the RT configuration suite, and it took a little while to find in the list archives.

Set($UseSQLForACLChecks, 1);

Where's the Love, Frontier?

"If Google built its own network, we estimate it would cost $5,000 per household," said Ann Burr, chairman and general manager of Frontier Communications of Rochester.

She said most users in Rochester don't need ultra-fast Internet access.
-- Will Google make Rochester's Internet connection faster?, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, February 12, 2010 (emphasis added).

For real? I sure hope that I don't have to switch to Frontier any time soon.

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Submission to the Google Fiber for Communities site:

Why should Google build a fiber to the home network where you live?


Rochester has a historically strong technology/education community, due to leadership provided by Xerox and Kodak, and then continued through its universities (especially University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology).

The community remains very technologically focused, with health care leadership through the University of Rochester's Medical Center and innovative technology companies, such as CareStream, and would benefit greatly from increased flexibility and better communications offerings.

Additionally, Rochester is in a stranglehold between Frontier DSL (which hasn't made significant announcements regarding FiOS) and Time Warner (which, in light of the limited competition, would like to price-gouge our data back to the paper age).


iPhone Battery Life Issues?

Is anyone having recent iPhone battery life issues? I've noticed that since Sunday (9/20) or Monday, my battery has been draining like crazy. I use my phone so much that I feel like I notice changed behavior as though it was my own health. I'm currently using a 3GS running 3.1.

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I haven't made any other significant changes that would affect battery life, and I'm fairly in line with the typical recommendations for ensuring maximum battery life. Strangely enough, I didn't notice this problem until after I read an article like this, discussing that Apple is investigating battery problems.

Thruway Revenue Alternatives

It's wonderful to see how fluid and adaptive the New York State Thruway Authority is in protecting its revenue streams. A mere two days after announcing that in January and February, passenger volume decreased 2.5% and commercial volume dropped 13% compared to the previous year, the NYSTA is offering a workaround (conveniently couched as a safety measure): increased cell phone use enforcement.

Undiscussed by R News is analysis of how the 5% increase in toll prices enacted this year could have affected use.

NYT Cream of Tomato Soup

I tried making the "Cream of Tomato Soup" from the New York Times Cookbook tonight. I was pretty disappointed--I'm not sure if I didn't properly select tomatoes (recipe called for "ripe tomatoes" and I used some fresh tomatoes on the vine from the store), but the soup turned out to taste more of cucumber than tomato, and its color was very pale pink (though I wasn't necessarily expecting it to turn out as red as Campbell's Tomato).

At least the grilled cheese sandwiches turned out well.